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Where will you be when reality strikes?

An Evangelistic Drama Hosted by Your Church

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Reality Outreach Ministries is best known for the Evangelistic Drama Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames.  For 43 years in over 100 countries the message of Jesus Christ has been presented using this drama.  Millions of people have given their lives to Jesus! 

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Enclosed Trailer
Enclosed Trailer
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4k Projector

How does it work?

Here is a short video explaining how the drama works.

Benefits of the Drama?

Souls are Saved!

On average we see 10-20% of the crowd respond to an altar call at the end of each drama to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Church Unity

When a group contributes their time and finances to a united goal of saving souls, that group will grow in Christ together. We often hear from churches of the powerful impact the drama has had on their congregation

Church Growth

Most of the new believers are looking for a church home. Through salvation card follow ups and the connections made during the drama, churches often experience growth.

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For God so loved the world...

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Where will reality strike next?  #RealityStrikes  #Souls




...that no one should perish


I was ready to give my life to God before the play ended

It changed the lives of my entire family.

Powerful outreach for our church and amazing impact on our congregation.