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Region 3

Booking Information

  • The total cost of the drama is $4,450
  • A deposit of $400 is needed to reserve your dates
  • The remaining balance ($4,050) is due after the drama on the last night
  • All bookings include 3 presentations (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)
*Alternative schedules are available, please contact our Scheduling Department at 800-263-2114

(Need help to cover the cost?  At the beginning of the drama, many churches will receive a free will offering to help cover the cost)

How to Book

Use the calendar above to check available dates in your primary region.

Choose an available Sunday to start the presentations

If you need a specific date that is unavailable, you may check other regions that include your state as a "secondary".

I glanced down to the altar and saw that both my wife and daughter were giving their lives to Jesus... I was in tears.

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