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Reality outreach ministries

A Powerful presentation of the Love of Jesus Christ

Thank you for your interest in the ministry.    We look forward to partnering with you to impact your community with the love of Jesus Christ. You will enjoy working with one of our Ministry Team Directors as they prepare your volunteers through prayer, Bible devotions, and rehearsals to present the drama.  You will discover “Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames©” is a powerful presentation of the reality of Jesus Christ and eternal life.

We would consider it an honor to join with you and your church to reach the lost in your community. In addition to our outreaches in North America, we are increasingly active in an overseas Missionary Outreach Program. Reality Outreach Ministries now has 26 ministry teams taking the message of the Gospel, through drama, to other countries around the world. However...WE ONLY GO INTO OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD AS FINANCES PERMIT.

At the conclusion of our scheduled outreach, your church may wish to help us in our missionary outreach with a monthly mission support commitment. We would be grateful for whatever God may lead you to do to help us in this area of our ministry. May God Bless you and your congregation!

In His Service, Reality Outreach Ministries


”My life was turned completely around that night as I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.”


”Tonight I was a first-time viewer of your presentation. It opened my eyes to many things. I was finally able to accept the Lord Jesus Christ into my life.” 


“I glanced down to the altar and saw that both my wife and daughter were giving their lives to Jesus... I was in tears.”


“The prayer preparation was awesome... God was all over the whole presentation each night.”


“Never in the history of this town has anything like this ever happened...”


“We hosted a breakfast for those responding to Christ on the first Sunday after the outreach. Nearly 100 came. Over 70 enrolled in a new believers course. Your Directors were great in support and leadership.”

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