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Parables of Jesus

Newest Drama from Reality Outreach Ministries

What is this drama?

The Parables of Jesus is the newest drama from Reality Outreach Ministries.  It takes the parables Jesus told and acts them out in a unique way.  We call it putting a modern twist on eternal truths.

Book the Parables of Jesus at your church and invite your community!  This evangelistic drama is designed to preach the gospel in a powerful way. 

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 Office - 800-263-2114

Check Available Dates

Parables of Jesus©

The total cost of the drama is $4,050. 

The deposit needed to reserve a date is $400.

Once you reserve online, we will contact you directly to confirm the dates. 

You may also book POJ over the phone by calling 701-404-1800.

Booking Information

  • The total cost of the drama is $4,450
  • A deposit of $400 is needed to reserve your dates
  • Remaining balance ($4,050) is due after the drama on the last night
  • All bookings include 3 presentations (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)

(Need help to cover the cost?  Many churches will receive a free will offering to help cover the cost)

"I have never heard the parables told like that.  Even as a Christian I am challenged by what I saw."

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